Using Calendar Overlays

The full calendar embedding option posts a detailed, interactive calendar to a webpage. Much of the customization for your Full Calendar can be done in the embedding editor screen, but you can add an extra element of interactivity to your embedded calendar by utilizing calendar overlays. Learn more about calendar overlays.

Note: The calendar overlay feature is available only to paid accounts.

If you have added overlays to your calendar, embedded full calendars will automatically display all current overlays. Any overlays that you add to your Calendar will appear on the left side of your calendar screen under your calendar name.

calendar overlays

Visitors to your embedded calendar turn your calendar's overlays on and off by checking the boxes next to the name of the calendar overlay on the left side of the calendar screen. Whichever overlay display choices made during this visit only stay during that visit – they don't change what other people see when they visit that calendar, or the calendar's settings.

If you don’t want to make the calendar overlays feature available to visitors of your embedded calendar, you can turn this feature off in your calendar embedded editor screen by clicking on the check box next to “Overlays.”